(Two Enchiladas, served with Rice & Beans)

de Queso

Cheese 10.85

de Crema

Sour Cream 10.85

Carne Seca

Marinated Dried Beef 14.15

Carne Verde o Rojo

Green Chile or Red Chile beef  13.155

Carne Molida

Ground beef 12.95

Carne de Birria

Shredded beef 12.95


Chicken 12.95

Chile Verde Vegatarianas

Sauteed mixed vegetable with green chile sauce 10.65



Topopos - Taco Salads

Flour Tortilla Bowl filled with Crisp Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Beans,
and topped with guacamole,
House Dressing and your favorite:

Chicken 12.95 • Birria 12.55 • Carne Seca 14.65 • 
Wild Caught Shrimp 16



(Two Tacos served with Rice & Beans)

Ground Beef 12.45 • Chicken 12.45
Carne Seca 13.55 •
Shredded Beef 12.45 • Fish 13.50
Carne Asada 12.45



Bean 5.95 • Beef (Red) 8.45
Chicken 8.45 • Guacamole 8.45



Green Corn Chile 4.40 • Red 4.40



Grilled with Bell Peppers and Onions. Served with Guacamole, Rice, Beans, and Tortilla.

Steak 15.25 • Chicken 15.25 •t Shrimp 19.95 


Burros and Chimichangas

(Served with Salad Garnish)

Frijoles (Beans) 7.95

Burro de Casa 13.45

Chorizo & Egg 13.45
Carne con Chile (BeefÂRed or Green) 12.10
Pollo (Chicken) 11.65

Carne de Birria (Shredded Beef) 11.65
Mariscos (Seafood) 17

Carne Seca Marinated Dried Beef 12.50
Carne Molida (Ground Beef) 10.95

Enchilada style add 2

Chimichangas add 1.5


Mexican Pizza

Large Flour Tortilla with
your Favorite Toppings

Cheese 7.95

Extra Topping

Chiles, Tomatoes, Onions, Black Olives - 2.50 p.t.
Carne Seca, Birria, Shredded Chicken - 4.5 p.t.

Seafood Pizza

Sauteed Shrimp, Bay Scallop, Cabrilla, Tomatoes, Chiles,
Onions 18

Sopa de Mariscos




Bacon Jalapenos

Four Bacon wrapped Jalapenos stuffed with cheese 9.5

Queso Fundido

Mexican Cheese Fondue with
Chorizo or Green Chile One Item 9 or Both Items 10


Sopas (Restaurant Made!)

Tortilla, Albondigas or Chicken Rice

Cup 3.5 • Bowl 7.65

Sopa de Mariscos (Seafood Soup)

Large Bowl 15



(Served with Rice and Beans)

Numero Uno

Carne con Chile (red or green), Chicken Taco,
and Cheese Enchilada 15.85

Numero Dos

Chile Relleno, Beef or Chicken Taco
and Cheese Enchilada 15.85

Numero Tres

Trio Encantado (3 Enchiladas); Sour Cream (Green Chile Sauce),
Birria (Enchilada Sauce) and Chicken (Mole Sauce) 15.85

Numero Quatro

Fish Taco, Tamale (Green or Red) and Cheese Enchilada 15.85


Especiales de la Casa

(Served with Rice, Beans, and Tortilla)

Chile Relleno

Green Anaheim Chile stuffed with Cheese
and Batter Dipped One 11.95 / Two 14.95

Shrimp & Scallop Enchilada

Sauteed Shrimp and Bay Scallop with tomato, onion and green chile
serve with green chile sauce 14.95

Green Corn Sunrise

Green Corn Tamales tip with Chorizo & Organic Eggs
on Organic Mixed Green 14.95

Mole Oaxaqueno - Chicken Mole (Contain Peanuts)

Chicken Breast with chocolate based chile
sauce of Oaxaca 15.95

Enchiladas de Mole Estilo Oaxaca (Contain Peanuts)

Two Chicken Enchiladas with a Dark
Chocolate Chile Sauce of Oaxaca 14.95

Lomo Adobado

Butterflied Pork Chop marinated with Red Chile
thyme, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cumin and Garlic 16



(Served with Rice, Beans, and Tortilla)

Camarones de Guaymas

Shrimp sauteed in Garlic and Butter
with Tomatoes, Onions, and Green Chiles 21

Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo
(Shrimp Scampi)

Wild Caught Shrimp sautéed in fresh Garlic abd Butter 21

Pescado Cabrilla

Hermosillo Style - Sauteed Tomatoes, Onions and Green Chiles 20.50

Red Snapper Veracruz

Green Pepper, onion, garlic and green olive in tomato sauce 20.50

Sopa de Mariscos (Seafood Soup)

A house specialty of delicious Seafood 15



(Served with Rice, Beans, and Tortilla)

Carne Seca

A house favorite! Marinated, Dried and Shredded Sirloin, simmered with Green Chiles, Tomatoes, Onions, and Spices 14.95

Carne con Chile (Red)—Chile Colorado

Tender Beef, slowly cooked in a Red Chile Sauce 13.50

Carne con Chile (Green)—Chile Verde

Tender Beef slowly cooked with Fresh
Green Chiles, Onions, and Tomatoes 13.50

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